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Partners in Law Enforcement is a management consulting and training organization with special emphasis in change management, leadership development, strategy and employee engagement.

We help law enforcement professionals and organizations develop their overall leadership capacity to better refine priorities and tackle their biggest challenges. Developing managers and leaders to accomplish the work that drives results is at the core of what we do; it defines who we are and how we engage. Our experience confirms that smart people often know “what to do”, however; they fall short in the “how to do it” or even worse they are focused on doing work in ways that has no real impact on the success of the people they lead.

Rather than subscribe to a traditional advice-based model of engagement, we advocate and practice a unique approach that rests on a “transfer of ownership” principle.

We begin all client engagements with a process of joint discovery that allows the organization and its leaders to participate and take primary responsibility for goals, implementation and outcomes.

Through partnering with active and retired law enforcement leaders our programs are practical, relevant and targeted to meet the needs the individual officer, supervisor and senior leader.
Our consulting model is based on a fundamental point of view about leadership–it is the most important factor in every decision and every outcome. Without it, even brilliant ideas fail. With it, even mediocre ideas succeed.

We have helped some of the world’s top-performing law enforcement organizations, yours should be next.

Our Mission

We educate and empower law enforcement professionals to become stronger more cohesive leaders and enlighten law enforcement organizations on how to make transformational change.

Our Philosophy

First, we bring to every engagement extraordinary talent and a deep commitment to achieve client goals. Your expectations are high. Your success is the measure of our success.

Second, we approach issues with intellectual rigor and data-driven analysis. We understand that facts must guide analysis and decision-making. We also recognize that best practice is by definition past practice, and that obsessing on facts and confronting reality alone does not necessarily unlock the door to innovation or future value. In large measure, creativity drives innovation.

Third, we design solutions that carefully consider the strategic, operational, technical, and human sides of an issue and the interdependencies among them. Because competitiveness results from aligning all of these areas, our goal is to optimize the whole to create the most value possible.

Fourth, we advise and guide our clients with the overarching assumption that leadership is both the primary enabler of success and the primary cause of failure. No initiative succeeds in the absence of good leadership.

Fifth, we seek simplicity in effectiveness. Organizations naturally proliferate in their structures, systems, and processes. We find there is a constant need to shed complexity, to reduce and simplify, and to pare back organizational over-growth in order to create value in the current competitive cycle and prepare for the next. We have to remind ourselves that innovation is most often a reduction in complexity. The most enduring solutions are usually simplified solutions.

Our Engagement Values

We help law enforcement professionals increase their leadership proficiency and capacity for long-term sustainable performance. With that in mind, we bring the following competencies to all of our engagements:

Strategic Perspective. Clients retain us to help them with their most pressing challenges. A threshold requirement is that we bring a strategic perspective to the table. We examine all considerations with an eye to the internal and external landscape of our clients in order to grasp the implications of different courses of action. It is our responsibility to understand your goals within the context of your business, your environment, and the unique challenges that you face.

Flexible Approach. In both design and implementation, every initiative is different. The mixture of goals, resources, capabilities, constraints, and risks that come together inevitably vary. We assess these factors and then draw flexibly on our resources to provide advice and create custom solutions that are most calculated to help you achieve your goals. As a trusted advisor, we come to share your goals–and ultimately your success.

Value. At the end of an engagement, what matters is whether you can show improved performance and a significant return on investment. Through the quality of our advice and support, we aim to create value through bottom-line impact that is measurable and sustained. We want our clients to measure us this way.

Ethical Standard. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the highest ethical standards of professional conduct. We avoid conflicts of interest, ensure the proper use of resources, maintain confidentiality, engage in unbiased analysis, and act with integrity to promote trust in all aspects of our work. When we engage a client, we reserve the right to ask the tough questions. We build enduring relationships based on objectivity, skills, and integrity. Political expediency is not part of our partnering model.

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