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PLE CORE Leadership is a two-day training workshop that focuses on the shift in contribution to team-based leadership, coaching, and accountability that are critical to success for front-line supervisors and mid-level managers in law enforcement. PLE Strategic Leadership is a two-day training workshop that focuses on the tactical-to-strategic transition that defines effectiveness for mid and/or senior-level manager in law enforcement. PLE BlueEQ™ Leadership is a one-day training workshop that focuses on emotional intelligence training for senior and executive-level leaders who have agency leadership responsibilities.

Assessment Tools

The Leadership Test I The Leadership Test II The BlueEQ™ Assessment

Learning Modules

  • M-1: Leadership vs. Management
  • M-2: Developing Learning Agility
  • M-3: Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • M-4: Building a High-Performance Team
  • M-5: Creating High Engagement
  • M-6: Delegating & Holding Others Accountable
  • M-7: Becoming a Coach
  • M-8: Modeling Ethical Behavior
  • M-1: Strategic Time Management
  • M-2: Strategic Decision Making
  • M-3: Strategic Thinking
  • M-4: Change Management
  • M-5: Talent Management
  • M-1: Why Emotional Intelligence
  • M-2: Creating Psychological Safety
  • M-3: Building the Five Skills
  • M-4: Creating Sustainable Behavioral Change
  • M-5: The i4P™ Process



Prepare law enforcement managers at all levels with the CORE tools, behaviors, and skills necessary to become high-performing, promotable leaders. Prepare law enforcement managers at middle and senior levels with the strategic tools, behaviors, and skills necessary to create high-performing agencies and become candidates for executive leadership. Senior leaders will be equipped with the skills and tools they will need to increase their emotional intelligence and create psychologically safe zones within their departments. The senior/executive leader in law enforcement will have a competency in five fundamental areas of emotional intelligence, or what we term the

1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Regard
3. Self-Control
4. Social Perception
5. Social Effectiveness

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