Our consulting approach consists of four important steps that can be seen in the following model.  These steps begin with Understanding through Assessment and flows through to Impact Analysis.  The model is shown as circular because we believe that truly helping someone or an organization requires completing each step and then measuring to make certain the solutions worked in the situation.

Partners in Law Enforcement can customize the content contained in our products and services to meet the needs of your organization. By integrating best-in-class diagnostics, training programs, and coaching solutions, Partners in Law Enforcement cultivates high-engagement, high-accountability work cultures where individuals and teams produce impressive results, not excuses. We will increase your organization’s success by enhancing the way your people engage in work.

1. Understanding through Assessment

We believe that we must understand the needs of the organization before we can be helpful.  This step helps us gain useful information for giving our best suggestions.  It includes at least:
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Measurement instruments
  • Files analysis

2. Report to Client

This is a full report of our understanding gained by our data collection. The report also includes:
  • Recommendations based on the collected data
  • It includes baselines for change
  • In includes specific recommendations regarding solutions

3. Proposed Solutions

We have a variety of solutions in our consulting bag.  We select solutions that will be helpful for the organization based on our understanding of the organization’s needs.  Solutions could include the following:
  • Workshops
  • Work sessions
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Structured interventions
  • Organizational/Culture development

4. Impact Analysis

This step is to measure to determine if the selected solutions actually made a difference to the organization.  Is the organization better now than before the solution?  Did ROI improve? This is a specific process developed by PetersonGillespie with the following steps:
  • Plan and collect baselines
  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Report results

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