Partners in Law Enforcement offers individual and organizations the opportunity to be certified on all courses we offer. The most efficient and effective way to certification is to certify in tandem with an in-house or public workshop. Our certification goes far beyond the ability to deliver our course in the classroom—you will develop the skills and experience to help participants improve their lives, assist teams in eliminating Fake Work and achieve measurable and sustainable results for your organization.

You literally become a certified expert on eliminating Fake Work and helping your company do Smart Work. Perhaps the greatest benefit to our certification is you will learn how to track the return on investment of your efforts. Regardless of the division, department, project, team or individual you will learn how to calculate the cost savings and profit generated by eliminating Fake Work. Our courses are easy to learn and fun to deliver.

During your certification you will:

  • Learn our proven approach to eliminating Fake Work
  • Acquire the ability to tailor the content to your audience.
  • Prepare appropriate personal examples and exercises for your organization.
  • Learn the interactive experiences that anchor learning.
  • Practice skills that will create a safe environment to identify Fake Work and develop strategies for individuals and teams to eliminate it.
  • Understand how to implement and facilitate the PetersonGillespie coaching systems.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the 4E Learning Model.

To see if you qualify to be a Partners in Law Enforcement Certified Facilitator complete the form below. Please indicate which program you want to be certified on in the message field.

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