Improve your capacity to change and expand the benefits of your training experience by incorporating our proven coaching systems. Simply put, our coaching model works! Over a hundred thousand people have tested our model. Study after study confirms that training alone produces limited results; most training has an effective rate of less than 10 percent. Our coaching process produces an 85 percent success rate in behavior change and skill mastery compared to training alone.

Fully automated, our coaching solutions are easy to administer and equipped with comprehensive transparency for participants and manages.

Our coaching model is comprised of five key elements:


  • Knowledge: In a world that is drowning in information and starving for knowledge; information needs to be relevant, distributed and delivered in “bite-sized” packets that are easily and quickly digested into true actionable knowledge.
  • Application: To have lasting impact, learning and knowledge must be anchored with real-world application. Individuals need to practice in a safe environment then apply concepts, skills and techniques in real life situation. We must learn both from our success and failures.
  • Accountability: Success doesn’t occur on its own, outcomes need to be planned, measured and evaluated. Without a plan of accountability most people regress back to the Fake Work activities that have limited their past performance.
  • Motivation: People need to be rewarded, recognized and experience the benefits of their success. Inherently the process needs to be designed to motivate the participants. When external motivation translates to inward motivation, people become self-directed and self-sustaining.
  • Time: The driving factor to the success of our coaching is time. Participants need time to experience, internalize and change.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve and sustain greater real work results and are confident our coaching will improve your effectiveness and help you unlock new performance breakthroughs

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